The Good, the Bad and the Panicky

Our columnist Sara Weir takes us through the importance of mental health and her on-going journey. 

How come some people spend hours in the gym working on their derriere, but manage to completely neglect their mental health? Remember that organ in your noggin, the one that controls every movement you make whether you’re conscious or not?  Did we forget that our brain is just as important as our heart? Yes, yes we did.

Maintaining your mental health is as vital as your physical health, so why aren’t we seeing more people taking a banging selfie with candid taglines like “low anxiety day” followed with a thumbs up or “ooh I’m rockin’, depression, don’t you come knockin” with a dog filter?

Most of us either go to the gym, know someone who works out or can overhear Dave talk about his protein gains on a daily basis. But one in four of us suffer with bad mental health, so why aren’t we talking about that?

On my journey so far, one of the things that I have learned is that I am not special. I am not the only person in the world to have experienced a panic attack, nor am I the only person in the world to know what it’s like to be surrounded in a cloud of darkness from the moment you open your eyes. The first time I heard someone talk about having the same experiences as me, my initial reaction was ‘oh thank Christmas, it’s not just me!’ which was quickly followed by ‘wait, does this mean that I’m NOT the centre of the universe?!’

From the beginning, I have tried my best to be as honest as possible about my experiences because I know that it will encourage others to talk about theirs and before you know it, we’re changing the world! All it takes is an honest chat with your friends to get the ball rolling and slowly, that stigma is going to fade away.

If you have a mental illness, you are not crazy and more importantly, you are not alone. Although your mind can be your own worst enemy, your loose lips can still sink ships and the one thing I would like to drown out is the negativity surrounding that very annoying chemical imbalance in your brain.

So pick up your sword, your bow and your axe because in order to stand out, you have to stand up.

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SharpLifeThe Good, the Bad and the Panicky

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