The top five most secluded places on earth

It’s Monday morning…Brenda has asked you for the third time how your weekend was, Mike from sales has informed you that the photocopier is only printing every other word, and for some reason they thought it would be a great time to install a new fire alarm. All you want is a bit of peace and quiet! Now instead of a luxury island, how about we show you some of the most secluded places on earth? Definitely somewhere to settle down with a good ol’ copy of War and peace.


Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory

Tristan da Canhu boasts that it is the “remotest island in the world” and to be honest, it could be right. No beaches for swimming, no hotels, an average of 20 days of rain a month, and a massive volcano smack bang in the middle of the island.

The Island has one road and is home to just 70 families, all of which are farmers. There is one shop but any orders have to be placed months in advance so the goods can be loaded onto scheduled fishing vessels.

The island hit the headlines back in 2016 when it advertised for a British farmer, however you better pick your travel dates wisely as it is only accessible 60 days of the year, limiting any trips from family and friends.

If that sounds a little too remote, don’t panic! The island still has a café, swimming pool, museum and the good old Albatross Pub. Ah just like home.
Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is one of the coldest permanently inhabited places on earth. Temperatures drop to a staggering -50 degrees in January and the coldest temperature ever recorded was -71.2 degrees.

Because of this it’s impossible to grow anything on the land and people survive primarily on a diet of reindeer and horse meat. If chowing down on a bit of Rudolph doesn’t sound quite like culinary heaven then there’s always the single town shop that provides the bare necessities for it’s 500 residents.

You might find business a touch hard to sustain with standard daily struggles including pen ink freezing, cars never starting, zero mobile reception and glasses freezing to people’s faces.

It’s not all minuses and mittens though, make it through to the summer months and you’ll find temperatures can soar to over 30C. I just wish Rudolph was here to see it.
Pitcairn Island, British Overseas Territory

Now with fewer than 50 islanders left, Pitcairn island is struggling to find new settlers. So much so that the government is offering to provide all immigrants with a plot of land to build their own house.

While the temperature stays above 17C all year round you might find it hard to enjoy the nice weather as your salary is going to take a pretty steep cut. A 100% cut in fact as there is not a single job vacancy. Islanders previously sold stamps in order to raise the necessary funds needed to get their home comforts in the one general shop. On top of this, if you thought booking a home delivery slot for your weekly shop was difficult, then you’re not going to enjoy the three month wait that comes with any grocery orders!
Barrow, Alaska

The Northernmost town in the United States, Barrow remains below the horizon for 65 days during the Winter time. The town has a population of around 4,000 and the average high temperature remains below zero from December to March.

However, although still isolated, the town is home to several research facilities that bring in jobs enabling it’s residents to enjoy many of the modern conveniences that the others don’t including sewers, running water and a health clinic. No mention of a starbucks though.
Motuo, Tibet

Motuo in China’s Tibet was formally known as the last county that didn’t have road access in China and is proclaimed as the county’s purest and holiest region.

Those who make the nosebleed inducing trek to 1000 metres above sea level can enjoy some of the most breathtaking sunrises in the world, while snacking on tropical fruits such as bananas and pinapples that grow in the micro-climate produced by the snow-capped mountains.

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