There’s a Shit in my Street

There’s a shit at the end of my street.

Not a neighbour who I don’t get along with, an actual full blown shit.

Let me take you back a few weeks. It was a dark morning and as I trudged to work through the winter weather that so often marks the beginning of UK springtime, I noticed it. Sat right in the middle of the pavement of my daily walking commute.

I didn’t think too much about it at that point. Just another careless dog owner who would rather an innocent passer-by, like myself, soil their shoes and kick off their working day in the worst way possible rather than cleaning up after their prize pooch. As the days passed I grew used to it’s presence. Staring up at me from it’s roadside residence, seeing me off to work like an eager parent does to their child on the first day of school.

Just a normal shit. Or so I thought.

After a week or so I started to wish the demise of my new working day friend. I started to wish for rain, and lots of it. Hell, I even thought a bit of snow wouldn’t go amiss…which is when the ‘Beast from the East’, one of the worst storms to hit the British Isles in years, arrived perfectly on cue.
As the constant rain, hail and layers of snow fell hurriedly down from above I was pleased to see my old friend, the shit, gradually buried under a thick layer of ice. “Haha, the plan has worked…goodbye evil shit” I thought, while silently wondering if my longing for snow had actually caused the worst winter weather for decades.

Another week or so passed and finally the ice started to melt. I hadn’t given any thought to the shit that had been condemned to an icy grave, until one Wednesday morning.

The big thaw was just about finished and as I walked to work, who should I see? The shit. Poking out the top of the ice like a triumphant mountaineer who’d reached the top of Everest. Tall, proud, and placing a tiny flag to let me know it was still there.

And that’s when I realised. This shit had been sent to me, not by my neighbour’s inconsiderate hound, but by something much bigger!

Here I had proof that shit happens. Shit will appear in your life, you’ll think about it, you’ll try to avoid it, and inevitably sometimes you’ll step-in it. You can try to bury it, and it will work temporarily, but eventually that shit will rise back to the surface.

The only way to get rid of shit is to deal with it head on…or hands on in my case. That niggling problem, that issue that you can’t quite bring yourself to face. We all have bits of shit we’re dealing with and the key is to tackle it as quickly as possible. Don’t let it build up. Don’t bury it away and forget about it. There will always be shit in your street, it’s up to you to go out and clean it up yourself.

SharpLifeThere’s a Shit in my Street

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