How to make a Good Impression at Work

Tips from Lisa Phillips, Author of the Confidence Coach

1) Don’t just hide behind your desk, speak to your work colleagues, build empathy skills and find a common ground from which to start conversations.

2) Remind yourself that you have the job you are in because your employer believes you are valuable, have expert skills and something to contribute.

3) Be honest. Rather than getting resentful at work and complaining to your colleagues, take responsibility for your own career. Don’t just wait around waiting for something to happen, make it happen. If something isn’t working, or you are not enjoying your job, speak up and look for ways you can improve things.

4) Learn to have those awkward work place conversations. How are you going to get what you want if you don’t ask for it?  When you speak up you send a message that you are taking responsibility for your own needs and wants at work. Whether it is requesting a pay rise, alternative hours or greater resources, it is far better to bite the bullet and ask than sit around feeling resentful. If you are still in doubt or feeling anxious about the benefits of speaking up, ask yourself what will happen if you allow things to continue the way they are if nothing changes.

5) Be assertive and avoid aggression. Look for a win – win situation and offer suggestions on how things can be improved.

6) If you doubt your ability to do a particular task, take your power back and choose to do something about it rather than worrying. Ask for support or additional training.

SharpLifeHow to make a Good Impression at Work

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