The leg-shaving Guide

Okay, don’t think we’re crazy but in our very first issue and our very first ‘how to’ EVER we’re talking about leg shaving.

So when we first set up the magazine, we did a lot of research to find out what people wanted to read and instead of these crazy beauty blogs where we tell you how to add nose hair extensions, we wanted to take you back to basics.

Leg hair is the bane of many a woman’s life (thank god its winter and we can hide) but rest assured there will be at least one moment during the party season when we have to unleash our legs from the confines of our skinny jeans and start thinking hair removal.

Now let’s make an official statement. We have no official preference whether you shave your legs or not, in fact one of our lovely readers sent her us an image of her arm pit hair dyed pink last week and we thought it was brilliant! We just wanted to provide a step by step for the UK women who are set to shave their legs on average 7,718 times in their lifetime.

So here it is our step-by-step guide to shaving based upon expert opinion and tips that we’ve picked up along the way.

Step One
Run a warm shower or a bath, try to allow five minutes before shaving as it softens the skin and relaxes the hair follicle. Do all shaving at the end of your shower or bath if you can.

SHARP TIP – Try to shave late at night as this will leave your skin smoother. As you sleep your legs swell slightly which makes the hair retreat back into the follicles.

Step Two
Prepare your skin for shaving by washing and exfoliating, this removes dead skin cells and allows you to get a closer shave.

Apply baby oil especially if you have sensitive skin, not only will it leave your skin soft, but will sit against your skin and the blade preventing cuts.

Step Three
Apply shaving cream or gel or even hair conditioner, seriously try it! It will make your legs feel much smoother.

Step Four
Shave. If you have sensitive skin go with the hair first to shorten in and decrease the impact when you shave, but otherwise go against the skin follicle and pull the skin taut wherever possible, also make sure you don’t go over the same area too many times, or your skin will get irritated.

Step Five
Make sure to rinse your blade in between strokes with hot water in order to get rid of dead skin from between the blades and stop the razor clogging. Hold the razor at a 90 degree angle and move it backwards and forwards under running water.


SHARP (literally!) Products WE LOVE

Oui Shave makes shaving into an art. That type of shave that mothers will hand down to their daughters for centuries to come. The pricier option but by far the best looking razor you will ever see. The full product is angled for the ‘female experience’ and is made with a non-aggressive blade engineered to glide over skin without uncomfortable tugging or pulling your hairs.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor has five blades that leave legs ultra ultra smooth thanks to its multiple moisture strips. The razor is bulkier than your BIC but with a lightweight easy to grip handle, you’ll get the closest shave ever. On top of all this the razor has a trimmer at the other end for dual use.

Gilette Venus. Okay now we have to mention old faithful, remember the advert with women stretching their legs in the air on the beach? The disposable Venus from Gilette has been re-invented by the company hundreds of times and still remains a favourite buy. Their most recent extra sensitive version has rave reviews all over the internet.

SharpLifeThe leg-shaving Guide

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