The solution to Eczema?

Eczema is a rapidly growing problem in the UK, and with over 6m people already suffering from eczema prone hands, irritated skin, flaky lips and dry hair, the epidemic is showing no signs of slowing.

While working in the beauty industry Charlotte, now the CEO of XO Balm, had tried a lot of products but found regular hand creams and lip balms could easily irritate her skin making the problem worse, while prescription emollients were greasy and a hassle.

One weekend she started experimenting with homemade remedies, researching ingredients and using her knowledge of cosmetics to create balms.

The Ancient Egyptians used Beeswax as a beauty staple and after doing some research, it became a key element of XO Balm. Its protecting properties and staying power meant the balm would stay on people’s skin for longer, allowing the nutrients and moisturising properties of the oil blend to work their magic. On top of this Charlotte researched the chemical structure of many oils, and selected three with strong moisturising and soothing powers.

These include:

Coconut Oil: hydrates and protects the skin, keeping it plump and rejuvenated.
Beeswax: acts as a protective and breathable layer for the skin; locking in moisture and protects skin from damaging environmental factors.
Olive Oil: softens the skin and prevents moisture loss while protecting from environmental damage.

Chia Seed oil: soothes irritation and reduces inflammation, and contains vitamins and minerals.

After a couple of weeks Charlotte had seen a real improvement in her skin and started to use the balm as a go-to beauty staple.

Around the same time, a friend in need called wanting her to share some balm with her; she had just had a baby and was looking for a natural product which would restore her skin after countless amounts of hand washing and sterilising. Charlotte sent her some to try and three days later received a picture of her dry, red and irritated skin completely healed.

During an annual holiday with her sisters and their other halves, an after dinner conversation led to the idea that she should start a company, selling her balm to anyone suffering with eczema.
In one evening, her ‘business development team’ helped her to come up with a name and packaging design. Refusing to be deterred by the fact she had never ran a business before, Charlotte armed herself with a small business start-up book and gratefully accepted a lot of offers of help from friends with varying career experience. A year later, XO Balm went on sale.

SharpLifeThe solution to Eczema?

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