The UK’s Kindness Ambassador speaks to SHARP

When people ask me why I’m a Kindness Ambassador they are sometimes very slightly confused when I say that it’s not actually about Kindness per say, that isn’t my central driver, but instead I’m driven by a desire to tackle loneliness and isolation.

You see, my core purpose in life is that I want everyone in the world to have someone that’s there for them. That’s what drives me forward.

For me Kindness is the best and most certain way to make sure we have a world and culture where everyone is there for each other, and that’s why I’m a Kindness Ambassador. Plus I can’t imagine a day where Kindness wasn’t a central theme, so it all fits together beautifully.

I love doing, seeing and experiencing Random Acts of Kindness, however I don’t see Random Acts of Kindness as a core solution, or the primary action we should be working towards. I know this sounds a strange thing to say as a Kindness Ambassador, but let me explain my thinking and what I have observed over the last 30-40 years working in this Kindness space, and as an entrepreneur and business owner.

The gift and the problem with Random Acts of Kindness is that they are usually applied externally, it’s something we do for others. There’s usually very little focus on Kindness as an internal process, and that’s my issue with most Random Acts of Kindness.

I believe that unless we address the issues around Internal Kindness, how we treat ourselves, then it’s going to be impossible to have kindness as an unstoppable force, or the world we’d like to see and experience.

For me bedrock of true global kindness and the global wealth that comes from it, starts with you being really kind to yourself. I’m not talking about being selfish, I’m talking about being kind to yourself in your actions and thoughts.

If you do that, then your confidence and ability grows, your health improves and you can be the light the world needs you to be. You’d be able to step up into a place and be the fullest version of you, in a mind and body that’s as healthy and strong as it can be.

Imagine if your actions, thoughts, diet and exercise plan was based around, what was kind to your mind, body and soul. Just think how healthy you’d be if true Kindness was at play, and from that place how many more acts of natural Kindness you’d be able to perform, how much you’d be able to do in the world, and what a wonderful role model you’d be.

Random Acts of Kindness are wonderful, they make us feel better and help other people, and I’m all for them, but I don’t think they are the 1st step to creating a Kinder or better world.

I’ve seen too many people that are externally kind and do truly wonderful things, and then have an internal kindness disconnect. They beat themselves up, don’t look after their body and are at times downright cruel to the person they have the most intimate relationship with. Themselves! For me, that’s not Global Kindness.

At the Five Institute we encourage the people and the businesses we work with to ask these three simple questions in order to address internal and external Kindness.

Is it Kind to me?
Is it Kind to others?
Is it Kind to the planet?

If you can simultaneously find the answer to those three questions, which isn’t always easy, then you’ve got a very different world. A world where we’re there for each other on a planet that’s vibrant, fun, healthy and alive.

Each month we run a training called This Vital Life and in August we’re going to explore Internal and External Kindness in its fullest sense because, for many of us, it can be a challenge to get that balance right in this busy world.

Nicholas Haines is a Kindness Ambassador at the Five Institute and the creator of The Vitality Test, as well as an international speaker, author, strategist, teacher in Chinese energetics and a leading light in the #NoMoreBoxes campaign.

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SharpLifeThe UK’s Kindness Ambassador speaks to SHARP

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