Creating the Perfect Home Office

A lot of the time the beginning of your business break-through will start as an idea at the kitchen table, so to help you create the perfect home office, we spoke to someone that had been through the full process himself. Shane Clifford, co-founder and CEO of new bill management app WonderBill, has shared with us some of his top tips on how to get down to business from the comfort of your own home.

Take it seriously

Because you’re at home you might be tempted to stay in your pyjamas or take some semi-regular social media breaks on your sofa, but self-control is key. Treat your home office just as you would any other professional workspace. If you don’t have a strict routine that you stick to your motivation may begin to waver pretty quickly. Set regular work hours and use your office solely for work. This will help you keep that work life balance in check.

Sort out your space

If you’re slouched in an old chair at a scruffy desk, you’ll be both uncomfortable and demotivated. Invest in your space by getting yourself good quality office furniture and a suitable tech set up. It’s worth the money because your productivity doesn’t have a price tag. If it helps, use a Marie Kondo technique to justify a nice new ergonomic chair. Trust me, it will definitely bring you joy.

Bring the garden indoors

A few plants in your office will not only improve the air quality, they’ll help you keep your stress levels down. When the pressure’s on, the extra oxygen and the soothing green will help soothe your nerves. You can grow easy plants like succulents which are hardy or easygoing ones like African violets. Your plants will be your loyal supporters while you’re busy working hard.

Get illuminated

Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to boosting creativity. No one does their best work under flickering fluorescent glare, so get yourself some nice quality eco-friendly light bulbs as well as a desk lamp that’s not too harsh. Using a program like f.luxto control the blue light your screen emits can also save your eyes at the end of a long day.

Get savvy

Seeing as you’ll be at home more and most likely online more too, you should expect some of your bills to rise. You’ll be using more energy, broadband and mobile data so get your detective hat on and start looking around for some better contracts. WonderBill can help you track your bills as well as finding you new and better providers, which will stop you getting a nasty surprise if you go way over your data limit for the month.

Building your dream office is an opportunity not everyone gets, so make sure you appreciate it and use it wisely. Working from home is a great way to motivate yourself and have total control of your output. Maximise your space and the next stop is maximising your potential. Good luck!

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