Five Steps to your Next Promotion

Asking your boss for a promotion can be a scary and daunting task. Scared that they will say no? Scared they won’t take you seriously?

If you know there’s a promotion sitting there waiting that you more than deserve, take a look tour top tips before you have that all-important conversation.

Make sure your boss knows who you are – Sometimes if you are working for a company where your boss may employ hundreds of people, they may not know who you are so they won’t naturally offer you a promotion. Talk to them to about other stuff instead of work, greet them in the morning, ask if you could do extra tasks, there’s also a whole lot to be said for those water cooler chats.

Set goals– Before asking for a promotion straight away, make sure you’re getting regular appraisals or if not having regular catch-ups with your managers, ask them what else you could do in your current job role or ask what you could do to move higher in the company. 

Timing – Try and pick the best time to ask your manager, don’t do it when they are clearly busy or just walking past you in the office. A good time is when your having an annual review so you and your boss can discuss your role at the company. Another good time is when there has been a change at the company such as if you know someone higher up is leaving their role and you think you could do that job. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a few minutes of their time.

Prepare – before you ask for a promotion you need to prepare what you are going to say, you wouldn’t go into an interview without doing you’re research! Write out what you have accomplished so far in the company, what sets you apart, how you’re working above your current job role and what you would bring to a new role.

Be confident – when speaking to your manager, make sure that you sound confident even if you are scared on the inside. If you sound confident then your boss is more likely to take you seriously. However there’s still a very fine line between confident and arrogant so be careful!

Don’t be scared of rejection – If your boss says no then don’t be worried, you still have your current job. There may be no roles that you could currently fill and at least you have showed your interest so when a promotion comes up, your boss still may think of you.

It’s a win, win situation. So don’t hold back. Break-through.


SharpLifeFive Steps to your Next Promotion

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