Out of the Ordinary: Jobs you Can Apply for Now

For our break-through issue, we thought we’d throw a spanner in the works and showcase a few of the more out of the ordinary jobs that we’ve came across over the past few months.

So take a look, see if anything takes your fantasy. Hands-off the trainee chocolate maker though!

  1. A Game Tester for Improbable. Based in London, this job role is brilliant for anyone who enjoys playing video games as the main responsibility is to ensure that the games are of high standard alongside working with producers before the games are shipped to Improbable’s partners. 

You can apply for this job role here: https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?jk=3f71fc18d7ecd6ee&tk=1ce9iistd16s94f2&from=serp&vjs=3

2. A Horse Rehoming Manager. This role involves leading a team of 16 to deliver a rehoming service which also cares for the horses before they are re-homed. This role also requires the applicant to be in charge of the income and promoting the Blue Cross Charity.  

You can apply here: https://classifieds.horseandhound.co.uk/classifieds/equestrian-jobs/equestrian-admin/w/uk/staffordshire/burton-upon-trent/horse-rehoming-manager-502724.html

3. A Creative Artworker. This job involves creating and amending artwork files to create packaging for different clients. Also working alongside management teams to ensure relevant information is passed on to the production.

This role can be applied for here: https://www.totaljobs.com/job/creative-artworker/genesis-job81349701?Keywords=&r=2-JobDetailsPage

4. A Trainee Chocolate Maker. Working in this job role includes both producing and packaging chocolates and to also taste different chocolate bars to test their quality.

You can apply here to become a Chocolate Maker: https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?jk=9f5ff36f3fd4daf6&q=Chocolate+Master&tk=1cerdkv5e9n0pbb9&from=web&vjs=3

5. A Fire Alarm and Emergency Lights Tester. Up until now I had always thought this would be down to the Fire Service and Electricians to test these out, however the Fire Safety Company are hiring people to take on this important role for them.

This can be applied for here: https://www.totaljobs.com/job/tester/the-fire-safety-company-job81231487

6. A Chemical Analyst. This job is central to Environmental Research and the role includes testing compounds in both plants ad soil. As well as analysing these samples.

This can be applied for here: https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?jk=6f2daeb2ec6e4817&tk=1cerefg7u9n0p8r5&from=serp&vjs=3

7. A Mosquito Research Technician. The position as this Technician is to practice concepts for safe and reversible gene drive systems in mosquitos. The role will also focus on developing new strategies for the genetic control of pest insects.

This can be applied for here: https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/The-Pirbright-Institute/jobs/Mosquito-Research-Technician-513109afcc415d02?q=Animal+Behaviour&vjs=3

 8. Animal husbandry Officer. The work within this role has the responsibilities of looking after the health ad welfare of rodents as well as monitoring their condition and administering disease treatment to the rodents.

You can apply to be a Animal Husbandry officer here: https://www.cv-library.co.uk/job/207829034/Animal-Husbandry-Officer?s=100429

9. Aquarist at the Bear Grylls Adventure. The successful applicant of this role would be responsible for looking after small animals and reptiles and knowledge of water environments which can help identify any problems with the environment for the animals.

 You can apply to work as an Aquarist here: https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?jk=d97481fbd3c01e62&tk=1celh1kql9n0he4t&from=serp&vjs=3

10. Motion Graphic Artist. This role works with the NHS to create animations which can be used to help demonstrate to junior doctors in their training. The role can also include creating these animations to help show patients or clients how to use the NHS app.

You can apply for this Motion Graphic Role here: https://www.simplyhired.co.uk/search?q=unusual&pn=5&job=GoWrP6-zgQmJngXpldH1n3tJmjCML5WNGMVVyMfCfyCFnxKeU7Ypug

SharpLifeOut of the Ordinary: Jobs you Can Apply for Now

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