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  • Voice – In the next five years, its been predicted that 80% of all online searches will be operated by voice. Take a look at yourself, how often do you use Siri, Google Home or of course Alexa.

Make sure you’re ahead of your competitors. Can you create a weekly flash briefing about your service. Is there a skill you can implement for your customers to use. Creating skills or using voice isn’t actually as hard as you think, there are plenty of online platforms to help you along the way.

If you think this is a bit too far for you at the moment, have you ever thought about podcasting. Numbers have soared in the past few years with more people listening as they drive, cook and do other tasks. It’s a hands-free listening experience and best of all its free to listen and simple to do.

Think about what expertise you have, what does your business or the company you work for do? What type of audience do they want to reach? What can you give away for free that will make that audience put their trust in you?

  • Social Media Advertising – Believe us, even we were sceptical at the start but compared to all other platforms such as TV, Radio, billboard or magazine, social media is by far the cheapest method of advertising and also by far the most targeted and results driven type of advertising.

In 10 years its predicted that these figures are going to completely switch, so get in early, while the prices are so low. Facebook and Instagram for example allow you to target people based even on their interests and what they look at and on top of this you can drive those people straight to your website.

  • Video – Online platforms are continuously updating to provide more video. Take a look at Instagram TV launched this month for example. You need to be putting more content out there and also stop shying away from putting yourself on camera too. If you represent your business, then why shouldn’t you be on there.

We hear so many people say there’s nothing interesting about their business, but surely people in your industry would be interested, surely your potential customers would be interested in an advice piece to camera about what you think about the latest technology. Give it a go!

  • LIVE – Okay if you were nervous about video then start getting your practice in because next you need to be going live. If you’re at a business exhibition, use your company Facebook page and walk around and interview people about what they’re selling, own the event for yourself. If you’re completing a job or a project (ask the customers permission) but why don’t you talk through exactly what you’ve done and film yourself hammering in the final nail and then showcasing the finished project.

The benefits of going live is that everyone of your followers get a notification letting them know it’s happening. It’s like a free call to attention. Try it, you won’t regret it!

  • Perseverance – Keep going. It’s so easy to start something new and think it’s going to solve all your problems. Look at the experts out there, most of them have been posting and working for 5+ years minimum. So don’t stop, if you know you’ve got a good idea, keep trying and refining and building on it. You can do it.
SharpLifeGet out of your Marketing Rut Now

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