The App to help you control your Mental Health

Have you ever found keeping a diary sometimes calms your mind and collects your thoughts? According to studies journaling has a positive impact on mental health and gives an emotional release to the writer.

However, one entrepreneur is committed to bringing journaling into the 20thcentury with an app developed specifically to help improve mental health using the power of video.

After a career spanning over 20 years in filmmaking focusing on mental health, and after the birth of her son Samuel, Hannah Chamberlain felt she had all the right tools to help those out there struggling with their own mental health.

She said: “When I developed this in June 2015, I felt I had all the right threads in my life and knew I could make them come together.

“When I first started in filmmaking back in the 90’s, mental health was a very closed subject, and after my own experiences at 21 I was really angry with what had happened to me, so I made a film about closure.”

During her third year of university, due to the stress of university life, Hannah suffered from a hallucination which left her hospitalised. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

So after years of filmmaking Hannah decided to turn the camera on herself.

She continued: “What I found was that creating a video really let me own my own story, it became mine, not a medical note taken away from a doctor, my own.

“I knew it was something that could help and in 2015 I had so many little ingredients that I used to carry round in the form of flowcharts, applying for things and meeting with people.

“We always had the view of creating space for mental health, changing perceptions and raising people’s confidence.

“The original idea was to create an app to allow users to record videos to keep on their own medical records, but the users didn’t want it. They wanted more of a private diary.

“In a nutshell, the app works to allow a user to record a video about how they’re feeling and also allows them to tag in their general feeling, whether that’s optimistic, energetic, emotional etc. It then allows them to rate their mood from the worst to the best and records this data for the user to access privately.

“This can then help the user pinpoint any triggers whilst raising their confidence massively.

“For us it’s all about being kind to yourself, and what we’d really like to do is change the debate on mental health. The cost of services on the NHS for mental health is massive and can also lower life expectancy.

“We want to change the attitude from can’t do to can do.”

Most recently Mental Snapp has opened a Facebook community free for any users to join and talk about their mental health experiences, you can access the community here or download Mental Snapp 


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SharpLifeThe App to help you control your Mental Health

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