Flotel – The New Way to Stay

When I first heard the words floating hotel, I thought of the small floating villages of Thailand, rustic, and in the middle of nowhere. However, that couldn’t be further from entrepreneur Luke Robertson’s latest venture.

A floating hotel room based on the quaint Hartlepool Marina, with every mod con imaginable. Including a double bed, kitchen, wet room and of course who could ever live without wi-fi.

Unlike the floating villages of Thailand, which uses caged birds to squark whenever there’s a problem, this is fully tested, approved and health and safety compliant, so there’ll be no Rose and Jack situation at 3am in your nightie.

To find out more about this new travel solution, SHARP spoke to entrepreneur Luke Robertson.

He said: “The pod is absolutely perfect for keen fishermen, water-sports enthusiasts or just people who want to experience something different. I’ve lived in Hartlepool my whole life and realised that there was nothing like this available. I’d wanted to get into the property business for a while and thought to myself, how good would it be if you could stay on the water without it being as cramped as a boat.

“I’m a keen jet-skier myself and my thoughts moved onto all the brilliant docks and ports we have across the UK, even places like the Lake District. Imagine if you could actually stay on-top of Lake Windermere!

“The first pod is very much a prototype but we’ll be doing many other variants including a camping style one where you bring your own sleeping bag right up to luxury ones with everything you need. I can see those sitting on Canary Wharf right now, perfect for business people looking for an interesting stay over.”

Luke’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was just 15 and began trading on ebay, then in 2012 he founded Wallchimp, a wall sticker company which he later sold.

Luke added: “I think for me, this is my break-through. It’s been almost nine months in the making and now it’s really time to start pushing it and showing the online world how stylish and affordable water living really can be.”

To learn more about Luke and his Flotel, click here: https://www.robertsonmarine.co


SharpLifeFlotel – The New Way to Stay

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