How the f**ck do I get tickets for Bongo’s Bingo?

If you don’t know what Bongo’s Bingo is, you’re just going to have to Google it because we need to get down to business. How the f**k do you actually get tickets here in the North East.

We had a vague glimmer of hope when the first Middlesbrough event was put on, even a slight break when people were on holiday during the Summer, but now with Autumn/Winter full steam ahead and even better acts (Cascada!) it is nion impossible to get a ticket for yourself let alone your group chat huns.

With new dates being added almost every week, how is it still so impossible!? Here at SHARP we like to do a bit of investigative journalism, so just for you, here are our four tried, tested and sometimes successful steps to secure you tickets.

  1. The mass buy approach. We recommend the 2:1 ratio, for every two of your friends you’re trying to get tickets for, there should be one person to get the tickets, therefore if you’re trying to get in a group of 10, you guessed it, 5 of you need to be sat waiting on that site once 6pm hits.

2.  The negotiation. When 6pm hits go in with the number of tickets you actually want (note: the site only usually allows you to get 8 at most.) So try for the exact number first. If by some miracle it works, congratulations, you are a unicorn of the Bongo’s Bingo world. If not, keep hitting the retry button and lower your number of tickets each time. Also keep in touch with group chat to see how the other soldiers are getting on.

3.  Don’t be afraid to go down to one. At around 6:06pm when you think all hope is lost, remember that tiny virtual tickets will be falling out of virtual baskets, whilst people lower quantities and decide not to go for tickets, so keep trying for one ticket at a time, we’ve managed to get up to 5 tickets this way!

4.  Worst comes to work, head to the Facebook event page, there’s bound to be someone selling a ticket after their mate Dave dropped out last minute. All the tickets are printable e-tickets, so no worries about an awkward meet-up.

We wish you all luck and pray that you will play BINGO.

SharpLifeHow the f**ck do I get tickets for Bongo’s Bingo?

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