Sunderland Empire: WICKED The Review

With shows taking place at Sunderland Empire until September 29, Wicked is a performance not to be missed. Electrifying, impressive and incredibly moving, if you don’t shed at least a tear, you must have a heart of stone.

One of the most talented and passionate casts lead viewers through the magical world of Oz and the ultimate showdown of good and evil, fitting perfectly with the book and iconic 1939 film featuring Judy Garland.

Forget all the mushy loved-up musicals, this is a true tale a friendship and the fight for good until the bitter end. Be prepared jaw-dropping sets, freedom fighting, some brilliant comedy-timing and also a couple of ‘oh’ moments as familiar characters such as ‘Tin-man’ and ‘Scarecrow’ begin to appear.

From the opening number to the grand finale, the two leading ladies give a stand out performance. Elphaba played by the insanely talented Amy Ross, whose piercingly perfect high notes will leave you with goosebumps and Glinda played by Helen Woolf, whose incredible acting and pitch-perfect voice will leave you wondering how you ever lived without seeing this musical.

Act One sees Glinda recall her journey and friendship with the misunderstood Elphaba who she ends up sharing a room with at University. Whilst building upon her sorcery skills, Elphaba realises that not all is well in the land of Oz and after meeting the Wizard, the act ends with the one everyone has been waiting for, ‘Defying Gravity’ which was goosebump inducing, Idina Menzel should be quaking in her frozen boots somewhere.

But the show doesn’t end there, although we felt like we needed a glass of wine and a lie down, Act Two sees the two return to fix Oz, as a young girl complete with ruby slippers and her yapping dog come into the picture.

Go and see it, you won’t regret it!

Grab your tickets from and make sure to get them fast or you’ll be green with envy, there’s limited availability on most showings already.

SharpLifeSunderland Empire: WICKED The Review

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