The LinkedIn profile guide: Get yours a step above the rest

So it’s time to get professional and if you need to get in touch with someone in the business world LinkedIn is the ultimate ‘go-to’ platform.

The social media powerhouse has 20m UK users and is the perfect place to follow up on meetings or have a little look at what your colleagues, competitors or potential new clients are up to.

Business benefits of LinkedIn

  • Find who you need – LinkedIn is the perfect search tool to find exactly what’s needed for the company, whether you’re recruiting, looking for clients or want to make new connections.
  • SEO – Again like Facebook and Twitter, constantly linking to the company’s website will boost SEO and get the firm at the top of Google searches.
  • Credibility – A company LinkedIn page will give your business credibility and let followers learn more about what you do. The more knowledge people have about the company the more likely they are to use it.
  • Products and Services – LinkedIn also acts like a mini webpage giving the company space to display any services and products.

Top 10 Tips

  • Make sure you have a personal profile page. Although you may want to get across how brilliant your business is, a personal profile documenting your experience is much more welcoming.
  • Start collecting recommendations. If you’ve done some great work for someone, ask them for a recommendation via LinkedIn. It adds credibility to your account and also lets potential clients know who you’ve worked with in the past.
  • Engage with people. LinkedIn is no good if you send out mass invitations to people you’ve never met. This is transparent and puts many people off. Instead engage only with people you’ve spoken to via phone or meeting, this makes a much more genuine connection.
  • Customise customise customise. There’s no good sending out a generic message asking people to connect with you (unless you know them really well), make messages personal and give a gentle reminder of how the user will know you.
  • Join Groups. LinkedIn Groups are the perfect way to begin discussions and expand your community. Join groups which interest you and are relevant to your industry. Take part in the conversation and don’t just be an onlooker.
  • Like, comment and share. Engage with people on your newsfeed, congratulate them on career milestones and comment on their content.
  • Update your status. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the option to update your status and let people know what you’re doing. Although humour is welcomed, keep your posting strictly professional.
  • Use images. Photographs and videos carry so much more weight than just a simple text post. Not only do they take up more space on your connection’s Timeline, they are also three times more likely to be liked and engaged with.
  • Set yourself goals. If there’s someone you want to engage with, or a company you want to turn into a customer, set yourself a 30 day goal to connect with them and set up a meeting.
  • Third-party content creators. If you’ve got a message to put across, but want to make it look more interesting in order to increase engagement on the post, try using a third-party application such as Canva or Wordswag.
SharpLifeThe LinkedIn profile guide: Get yours a step above the rest

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