Halloween Costume 2018 Inspo

Autumn is without doubt one of our favourite times of year here at SHARP.

It starts to get a bit chillier, without reaching that bitter tear-inducing level that gives us permanent panda eyes, and we can dig out our sweaters, scarves and chunky knits (for all things autumn style make sure to check out Anna Louise Loves style guide). All the bugs have returned to HELL where they belong, and pumpkin spice lattes start pumping through our veins.

On top of that it brings with it Halloween! Or as we like to call it “Hallo chance to spend an entire month working on a killer outfit that is going to absolutely win life, respect, and probably go down in history as the greatest costume of all time.” And then we jump back to reality and remember we’re crazy busy and will probably end up going as a cat for the fifth year running.

If you’re anything like us, you haven’t even began sorting your outfit for this weekend and google is doing nothing more than serving up a plethora of scantily clad devils, blood stained barbies, and the aforementioned cat. Fear not, we’ve scoured every corner of the internet and our brains to give you the SHARP top 10 halloween costume ideas for 2018:

Theresa May Dancing

The PM has spent most of this year dancing her way around the globe so grab a grey wig, pop on a trouser suit, and dance the night away! (Photo: The Independent)

Baby Shark

A shark onesie and a giant dummy…one of the easiest but most topical (and annoying) costumes of 2018! Altogether now…”Baby Shark do do do do do do….” (Photo: Amazon)

Regina George And The Bus

“I voted for Regina George because she got hit by that bus”. Yeah Mean Girls isn’t exactly 2018…but Regina will never go out of style! Get your halloween partner in crime to don a yellow bus and everyone will be voting for you to win Halloween 2018 (Photo: Pinterest)

Purple Emoji Girl

Possibly the easiest costume on our list, so if you’re as last minute as us then this is what you’re looking for! Grab a purple jumper, remember three poses and you are good to go. Just don’t drink too much gin and get emojional.

Yanny Or Laurel

In May of this year the world was rocked by the greatest debate of our time…did you hear Yanny or Laurel?! Why not grab a friend/partner/random who you’ve persuaded to Halloween with you, and get a YANNY and LAUREL t-shirt printed. Then walk around together like you’re joined at the hip (Photo: App)

Moth And Lightbulb Meme

If the moth meme passed you by then you must have been living under a rock…or have better things to do than refresh insta until there is nothing new to show. Not that we’ve ever done that ahem. Anyway, if you’re rocking it solo this year then spread your wings and spend all night pretending to be attracted to light sources. Alternatively partner up with your favourite lightbulb and make some meme-ories. (Photo: Etsy & Pinterest)

Kanye And Lil Pump

Kanye’s latest offering has given us , not only one of the weirdest and strangely moreish music videos of the year, but also an excellent outfit possibility. A couple of cardboard boxes, a bed sheet, and you could be smashing Halloween Yeezy style (Photo: Youtube)


Who doesn’t love a unicorn? A mythical creature made out of rainbow and glitter…everything i’ve always wanted to be. Little heads up, if you’re off to a house party it might be an idea to get the homeowner to invest in a powerful glitter friendly hoover (Photo: Fancy Dress Ball)

The Dress

It’s white and gold…no it’s black and blue…no it’s white and…etc etc etc. Expect plenty of that if you choose this iconic dress. If you have a twin or a doppelganger readily on hand then get one of each and seriously mess with your friend’s heads (Photo: Express Writers)

Snapchat Filters

Who doesn’t love a filter?! We’ll definitely be needing them the morning after Halloween so why not get in there early with a dog, deer, or even go for a throwback rainbow vomit! (Photo: Gurl and Pinterest)

Whatever you end up going for this year make sure you send us your creations on Facebook, Insta or Twitter…we can’t wait to see them!

SharpLifeHalloween Costume 2018 Inspo

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