Hummingbird Mind Therapy goes from Strength to Strength

This month SHARP got the chance to sit down with the inspirational Silvia Mather, a qualified and specialist hypnotherapist to talk about the growth of her business and what she’s learnt from setting up a successful company within her own home.

Silvia was working as a social worker in a child protection team when she decided to set up her business.

She said: “My own health was really suffering in the role. I had this plan to start my own business and started training in counselling and hypnotherapy, almost like a three-year plan for myself whilst still at my current job. Then while I was on holiday I got an email telling me that my company was having a full overhaul of its system and that voluntary redundancies were available. It was then that I knew I needed to take the leap.

“I was and I wasn’t scared if you know what I mean, on top of everything I just knew I needed to do this.

“Starting a business was a lot different than I initially thought. At first I thought I’d feel completely elated from leaving work but it didn’t quite run as smoothly that. I would say it took around six months for me to get going with things and within that time I tried different things and learnt what did and didn’t work for the business.

“Initially I thought I needed to pay for a space for people to come and visit but found out pretty quickly that it was really unnecessary and that I could create the perfect environment from within my home.

“One great thing that I started to do was networking, some events and groups are better than other naturally but what I found there were valuable connections and also friendship.”

After growing her network substantially, Silvia focused on redefining her target market.

She said: “At first I thought my target market was everyone and although everyone could probably benefit from my services, over the years I have also found my specialism. My clients are mainly women (although I do get men too) that have struggled with mental health and confidence throughout their lives for one reason or another.

“To give you an example, a client could come in wanting to lose weight, but when you venture deeper to find the real root of the problem, it’s usually doesn’t even touch on food.”

Carrying most of her sessions from a dedicated space in her home, Silvia uses many different techniques to help her clients achieve the results they’re looking for.

She continued: “During a typical appointment, the client will come in and give a brief overview of what they need, how they feel and what they want out of the sessions.

“There are many different techniques you can use in hypnosis, so I’ll use this time to consider the different techniques and which will benefit the client most.

“I like to describe the process of hypnosis as arguing with the sub mind. Your subconscious is always looking after you and its important to remember that. It’s just sometimes the blockers your subconscious puts up to protect you are no longer a good thing and are stopping you from achieving things. Hence why it’s a bit like a very gentle argument.

“These barriers can be put up even as far back as your school time. So it’s important for me to bargain with the self-conscious, tell it it’s doing a great job but allowing your mind to realise that it’s now having a negative impact and that we need to reassess the situation.

“Recently I’ve been working with a lot of people to remove traumatic experiences and anxiety and I use a range of different techniques to do that. It’s often surprising to clients what things do pop up and what they end up expressing throughout the session that can really help them.”

There are many different techniques and ways to do hypnotherapy but Silvia prefers a much more relaxed approach.

She said: “People assume that they’re going to be lying down and completely unconscious but I actually have people sitting up in a relaxed position. A lot of people also worry that they can’t be brought back from hypnosis but it’s actually just a really relaxing state for people to be in.

“I only work with people who want a change and who I can give guidance to. The person in the chair comes up with their results and how to solve the issue, I just help them work through it.

“After a session people are usually tired, not to the point where they can’t drive a car or anything serious, but working on those deeper issues can leave you shattered, so I usually ask people to give it a week and let it settle.”

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