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Sometimes in life, what we want to achieve can feel so distant to us, and there are so many challenges that stand in the way of us reaching our life goals.

Other times we don’t even know what we’re looking for… we just know that this isn’t it.

We forget what truly excites us; and we’re completely lost to our purpose in life.

Ultimately every human being wants to be happy and fulfilled. It’s what we strive for. But where do we start? We start with Dharma.

In ancient Vedic “Dharma is the path of right action”.“Right action is the action which is of maximum benefit to the individual and the entire creation at the same time.”

In other words, living your dharmic life is a blessing to the individual and to the world. When you are not aligned with dharma, you are more prone to unhappiness and suffering.

For each of us, discovering our own dharma is about discovering how to bring our mind, soul, body and emotions into harmony. When we follow what truly excites us, our Dharmic path is revealed and so is our higher purpose on earth. 

During my twenties, I was looking in all the wrong places, mainly using drugs and alcohol to distract myself from what was really going on. I had a high paying job, great friends, and someone looking from the outside might have thought I had it all.

So why was I miserable?

The reason was I had no meaning, no purpose to my life. Just distractions. I wanted to belong but I wasn’t looking in the right place..  

After years of depression, I felt I needed to get my life back on track and decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! This led me to a powerful spiritual awakening and it inspired me to start doing my Dharma even though I did not know what was then. I felt so alive and aligned with myself, I knew that I wanted to help others find their Dharma and their life’s path too.

I created the Do Your Dharma course because I realised other people, like me once, had felt let down with the way they were living and needed guidance to reach their maximum potential and ultimately live their most blissful life.

“Before this course I felt strained and stuck. I tried my hardest, but it felt like I was never good enough. I could never relax, because I knew there was something more I wanted to be and achieve” testimonial from a student of the Do Your Dharna course. 

Dharma is about taking time to tune in and asking yourself the right questions.

If money was not in the equation, how would you really want your life to look like? This will give you a huge insight into what and how you should be living your life. What is stopping you living like this right now?

Do you limit yourself in any way? Are you thinking you’re not good enough, you’re too much of this and not enough of that..? Realise the patterns you impose on yourself and then weed them out. You ARE good enough, and you are exactly the right amount of this and that.

By working on your negative unfounded beliefs and living in a way that brings your body, mind, emotions and soul into a positive whole, you live according to your dharma.

 The Do Your Dharma course offer a complete, step-by-step progression on how to make this essential change. From a place of having no idea where to begin, to developing and implementing an action plan for life.

“Throughout this course I was able to learn the skills that helped me take the first steps in the right direction. This course gave me the tools to realise what I want, how to listen to my intuition, to note highest self and to practice gratitude” Emily Kate, student of Do Your Dharma

Kitty Waters is the founder of the Do Your Dharma course and the founder & host of the Kitty Talks podcast.

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