Catherine Winter: Self-Care is more than just Alone Time

Self-care means something different to everyone. The movement is ultimately
about making sure that we all take time for ourselves in this chaotic capitalist
world. But this means more than just cancelling all your plans, and having a
chill night in a with a face mask and a film. Here are three key things you need
to be doing in order to take of yourself:

Schedule in time for what you love
No matter how hectic life gets everyone needs some downtime. Everyone has
that one thing they love doing, so make the time for it! Whether that’s reading
for an hour before you go to bed, blocking out an evening a week so you can
go to the bar with your friends, or waking up earlier so you can spend more
time with your partner. It’s so easy these days to get wrapped up in the stress
of one aspect of your life. Never forget this is only one part of your picture, try
and make time for the rest of it where and when you can. This won’t always be
easy, and there may be an amount of guilt attached to it, but you deserve
these moments of happiness.

Set Boundaries
It’s so important to make sure you are cultivating relationships which are
healthy for you! This means recognising where your boundaries are and
communicating them. This could be something as small as asking a friend to
respect that you don’t want to talk about something, or as big as sitting
someone down to explain something they’ve been doing which has triggered
your mental health. These boundaries may change over time or remain steady
for years. Only you know how important they are to you. So make sure you
communicate with the people in your life and maintain relationships with
people who can respect these boundaries. A solid sign that a relationship – of
any form – has run its course, is if the other person is unable to grasp or
respect that your needs have changed; sometimes the best thing you can do
for yourself and them move on.

Speak to a professional
Maybe you’re struggling with your mental or physical health, perhaps you and
your partner have had a communication breakdown, or maybe you’re just not
sure what you want the next step in your career to be. There is always
someone who has been trained in order to help you deal with your issue! So if
you ever feel like you can no longer cope with it alone, definitely seek these
people out. If you feel like you may financially struggle to access this kind of
support, make the professional aware of this situation, they may be able to
reduce the cost of their service!

The ‘love yourself’ and ‘self-care’ movements are about more than a treat
yourself day. Love yourself enough to be tough with yourself, and do what is
necessary for your long-term mental, emotional, and physical health. It may be
hard, but you are strong! Find what works for you, communicate with those in
your life, and allow yourself to truly thrive.

SharpLifeCatherine Winter: Self-Care is more than just Alone Time

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