UK scientist addresses US health industry experts

ONE of the UK scientists behind a major anti-ageing breakthrough has shared her expertise with a US audience.

The team at Nuchido Laboratories, led by Dr Nichola Conlon, has developed a supplement which targets one of the key molecules that regulates ageing.

And Dr Conlon – a molecular biologist and expert in epithelial physiology – was the only UK speaker to address attendees at the New York Fitness Expo.

The two-day expo attracted thousands of attendees and along with the chance to view latest technologies, gave guests the opportunity to hear talks from experts, such as Dr Conlon, in the fields of both health and fitness.

Dr Conlon’s work centres around the molecule NAD+, which repairs and maintains cells, but which diminishes as people age, leaving them susceptible to age related conditions.

While scientists have long been aware of the benefits of raised NAD+ levels to help people enjoy good health for longer, the Nuchido TIME+ supplement, created by Nuchido Laboratories, is reporting unprecedented results.

It was unveiled at an event in Las Vegas in October 2019 where it was an instant sell-out.

And the company has since received orders from as far afield as Korea, Australia and Peru, with people reporting positive results after just a few days of taking the product.

At her talk at the expo, Dr Conlon revealed trials carried out by Nuchido Laboratories in middle aged subjects have seen levels of NAD+ increase to the levels of someone 15 years younger.

“The importance of raising NAD+ levels is widely known to the scientific community in the US,” said Dr Conlon, “so I was delighted to be asked to talk at the Expo and tell them about the Nuchido TIME+ supplement.

“It is a breakthrough product in the world of anti-ageing and the result of a number of years of work, utilising some of the UK’s finest scientific expertise, so it was great to bring this to a US audience.”

Nuchido Laboratories is currently analysing the results of further clinical trials and plans to introduce Nuchido TIME+ to the UK market in summer 2020.

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